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However, if you care to get into a relationship with the high class of Chinese it’s hard.

Firstly you’re a foreigner, most Hongerdai (second generation red) can’t have LTR with outsiders and no matter if you are rich and worth of 10M, you’re still peasant for them.

Middle class is growing however it’s overrun by the Chinese Gov. In China, your dick is big: I’m little above average but certainly no John Holmes.

And yet with every Chinese girl in bed, I get the indirect and direct compliment that I am too big.

On the other hand, I never saw those women in marriage.Asian women, in general, are shy in public, but once you end up alone with Chinese women in a room, her clothes will fall off literally by itself.I have had situations where a Chinese girl enters my room and basically asked me to lay in bed with her while taking her clothes off. You need to make sure nobody will know what happened between you two so her reputation among family and friends stay intact. I still hear this comment from people even after being in a 32 year long loving marriage, having 3 children, and 5 grandchildren.I have heard that comment or a similar one from whites and blacks and that is truly sad to me.

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