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He said, “Dear, you look just like your photo.”Or would a mere 10 or 20 Sleepyheads attend? You spent hours penning answers to a ton of questions.When I walked in the room the teacher was talking to a man about 55. (Match is not as daunting as the “Famed 400 Eharmony inane questions.) After a round of spell-check and a few re-reads/re-writes – you pull the trigger and wait for the party to begin. Two other men were sitting, waiting, looking tired. It was a Classic Marin snapshot; there was the Save the Whales gal, sans makeup, Keen sandals, wearing an old REI jacket. I won’t wear Crocs, Uggs, Sweats, fanny-packs, Lanz nighties, shoulder pads, granny glasses or acid wash jeans. One must sort though dozens of photos You said you want to date someone in the Bay Area and the boys from the A-States (Arizona, Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas) are sending you winks, blinks, notes and flirts. In time, you get pretty good at sending out “Intro’s” and waiting for responses. This is your brain on Match after two years: Take a break – take a breather – try another online dating site – and remain optimistic. Posted in 50 and Single, midlife dating, Relationships, Single Men in San Francisco and tagged 50 and single, All The Single Girls, Dating 101, dating tips, Flirting tips, Send Valentines, suddenly single, Valentines Advice | Leave a comment He was one of the first to traipse through the original old dating sites (Jdate, Yahoo.date, date…) throwing his hat in the ring…crashing and burning more than kissing and scoring. The second lady was wearing flowing Eileen West pants, good jewelry, a filmy peasant blouse … And, I won’t date a guy with a proclivity for all of the above. You exchange emails – chat on the phone, text a tiny bit, and meet with a few people for coffee. There are so many Happily Every After Stories out there…keep your eyes and your heart open. He knew it was The Women’s fault – not him – they were too picky, too dull, too everything.

Inquiring minds want to know and there is no pretense here.Kitty is our fearless leader and has always tested the waters well before the rest of us. She met Mitch online and the two of them, too proper and too shy to even post their photographs, fell in love with each other over salt-water taffy, and an affinity for Peter Max.Their rapid and ribald romance lasted five years and the rest of us girls lived vicariously through their trips to the Santa Fe Opera, romps at Harbin Hot Springs, and weekends at the Fairmont on Nob Hill or the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Nigel.I eventually ended up trying Tinder after some friends convinced me that I wouldn’t meet anyone new, especially since I had already exhausted my social circles, and was even bro-zoned twice or thrice in each of them. I appreciate it when she insists, or at least offers to split the bill. It shows that while you’re willing to take charge, she’s willing to contribute.I’ve had all sorts of dates: a writer, a jazz musician, an overpriced-sneaker-enthusiast, a pastor’s son, a Buddhist, and a 27-year-old club DJ who, two hours into our first date, told me outright that he was looking for a wife. Later on, you can establish na give-and-take yung relationship ninyo.

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