Accomodating for electric ovens

As the muscles within the eye contract and relax, the tiny amount of fluid in the lens moves to maintain visual acuity.Power Vision claims that clinical results have confirmed the Fluid Vision lens offers 3 to 4 diopters of accommodative power.With these new IOLs, as the ciliary muscle contracts, the accommodative lens contracts with it, curving and thickening to allow for focusing up close. Essentially, an accommodative IOL is the closest thing to the natural lens of the eye.The only accommodating IOL currently approved by the FDA is Bausch Lomb’s Crystalens.But if successful, these new technology lenses also going to be big news in the treatment of presbyopia, even for patients without cataracts.

Given the current estimate of Americans with cataracts is only 25 million, the AAO is clearly expecting a surge over the next 30 years.

It incorporates liquid crystal chemistry, electricity and integrated circuity to provide clear, accommodating vision.

What this means is that the Sapphire IOL actually runs off a battery (which has an expected lifespan of 50 years).

A contracted ciliary muscle increases the focusing power of the lens by increasing the lens curvature, catering to near vision.

A relaxed ciliary muscle allows the lens to flatten for clear distance vision.

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