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You may have learned a bit about XHTML or CSS, maybe some Java Script programming.Depending on the kinds of projects you're used to, you may even have had the chance to work with Ajax to give your Web applications that Web 2.0, or "desktop," feel.What about the final two pieces: the although the XML part is sometimes not really true.

The and that's what powers all the behavior you get.That's a blessing and a curse, really — a blessing because it's all client-side code, so it's portable and doesn't affect the server; a curse for a lot of PHP developers because it's a different environment than they're used to.That's where tools and frameworks like j Query come in: They vastly simplify how you interact with Ajax, speeding our time to code completion.It's probably more accurate to have the is a lightweight Java Script library created by John Resig and released to the Internet in early 2006.It's free and open source software dual-licensed under the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and GNU General Public License.

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