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The second consequence is that, with the erasure of a critical memory of the 1990s, the possibility of an objective analysis of political responsibilities has also been cancelled out.

The Italian Navy vessel Sibilia, which collided with the Albanian ship Kateri i Rades after it left from the Albanian port city of Vlore with 142 people on board. Many go under, while the most agile and rapacious manage to reinvest elsewhere.

But the official flags draped on governmental buildings along the Boulevard aren’t the only ones; six or seven hang from every apartment building, almost as though it were the eve of a World Cup Final.

The book fair is held in the Palace of Congresses, in a part of the city where the urban layout has remained the same as it was under the Fascist occupation.

Vehbiu tells me, “The structure of public language, the syntactic construction of the sentences uttered by ministers or political leaders, is the same as it was thirty or forty years ago.

The subjects of the sentences change (instead of communism they talk about Europe, for example), but the way they talk is identical”.

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