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Girls are afraid to take the first step, they are often shy of taking the initiative so as not to seem Intrusive, and the guys are frightened of being rejected and as a result the feeling of self-depreciatory and underestimating of themselves.

In addition to other problems of communicating with people you don’t know, it is difficult to guess whether a person is willing to chat with you.

Easiness and convenience are the main reasons why, in spite of the big number of competitors, Chatroulette continuous being so popular.

For lots of people it is quite difficult to talk to a stranger in the street and the more to get acquainted.

You don’t usually have enough time for real-time communications and, as for talking about meeting new people, you need to be a very sociable, optimistic and quite hardworking person – it demands a lot of time and energy.

But on the other hand, on the Internet there are a lot of fraudsters who use other people's pictures so you can’t know exactly whom you are talking to.

Both guys and girls often suffer from this kind of problem.

It's not enjoyable for guys if meeting is failed, especially on public, in front of other people.

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Why should you continue communication with the person that you're not interested in?And the girls don't want to impose relations to the guy; everyone wants the communication and acquaintance to start without any efforts, freely.Social networking has not much solved this problem, because people communicating there are mostly familiar to one another. If you found someone in the chat, it means the other person is ready to communicate and get acquainted.The Airport operate two runways over 3,280 yd (2,999 m) in length.Officially opened on 25 June 1938, it was initially known as Ringway Airport, and is still called this locally.

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