Andre 3000 dating erykah badu

The very feminine charms that are keeping her relevant today are the same ones who made the legendary rapper Andre 3000 fall for her.

The year 1995 proved to be a watershed moment for Erykah.

Erykah posts a throwback picture of her first baby father and their kid "When we did break up, one of the most important things I discovered was that I was scared to wear my greatness. Like her first baby father, the 47-year-old songstress wouldn't "husband" the father of her older daughter either.

I was afraid to wear my greatness, which meant, I could be in a relationship and dim my light for others.” Shortly after, she gave birth to her first daughter and second child, Puma Sabti Curry, making D. Erykah's youngest daughter and third child, Mars Merkaba Thedford was born in 2009 as a result of her relationship with her then-boyfriend Jay Electronica.

On April 2, 2010, she was accused of jumbled lead for seeming bare in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas while taping the social-political, execution craftsmanship, self-coordinated music video for “Seat by the window”.

No witnesses called police at the season of the occurrence, however the Dallas Police Department effectively looked for observers after the arrival of the video. In April 2014, she experienced harsh criticism by the US-based Human Rights Foundation, for performing at the birthday festivity of Swaziland’s ruler and ruler, King Mswati III.

Badu enrolled Dallas nearby hip bounce acts – point, Zach Witness, and Cameron Mc Cloud as her supporting demonstrations.

She has managed a huge net worth of million dollars.

Staying true to her motherly instincts and free spirited-nature, Erykah didn't take in a husband for a partner and instead dedicated herself raising her three kids.

This collection additionally contains a few hit singles.

She has been assigned in loads of prestigious honors and she has additionally won some of them.

Raised in an artistic household herself, Erykah made sure that her kids - who were all home delivered - would also grow up in a similar environment by homeschooling them.

"With my first baby, I was trying to do everything right and put everything in his brain that I thought should be in there.

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