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While some Christians hold positions in the current government, their representation and voice are limited to a few token ministerial positions.The new constitution requires cabinet members and some other officials to be sworn in on either a Bible or a Quran, and to invoke Allah, the Arabic-language name of God.Despite some government efforts to encourage their political participation, women hold few senior positions in government and political parties.Women living in rural areas are largely excluded from local governance bodies.0 / 4 Members of the Zaghawa ethnic group, and other northern ethnic groups, control Chad’s political and economic systems, causing resentment among the country’s 200 other ethnic groups.Although they comprise roughly 44 percent of the population, Christians in the south have largely been excluded from political power for roughly 40 years.

It also reinstalled term limits: under its provisions, the president serves a six-year term that is renewable once.

Following cabinet shuffles, some officials were fired after they refused to take the oath on grounds that it violated secularism or provisions of their Christian faith.

One official was reportedly permitted by Déby to invoke the name of God in French, rather than Arabic.

Chad has held regular presidential elections since 1996, but no election has ever produced a change in power.

Legislative elections are routinely delayed, and have not been held since 2011.

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