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Get weather forecasts, traffic updates, local headlines and much more. I left the valley in 2015 traveled around the United States and wound up in Florida.

The man called police in April 2018 after surveillance footage from his home showed Ades taking a bath in his tub while he was away on a trip.

She said they went on a few dates and was aware of “alternative lifestyle,” which she described as “50 Shades of Grey with a twist.”Being homeless at the time, she agreed to move in with Smith, the report said.

The woman said Smith’s home had a BDS-style dungeon with a large cage.

Several agencies are battling a 100 acre brush fire that broke out Sunday afternoon in a remote area of Ventura County in the Los Padres National Forest near Highway 33 and Lockwood Valley Road, authorities said.

Health officials said Friday that an Illinois patient who contracted a serious lung disease after vaping has died and that they consider it the first death in the United States linked to the smoking alternative that has become popular with teens and young adults.

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    While sometimes it is circumstancially unavoidable, teenagers must try to not get into relationships at a very tender age on account of the following reasons – First and foremost, teenagers are biologically immature to deal with relationships.

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    You can see models schedule and when they are online.