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Ballpoint pens can develop bits of clogged ink in the tip of the ink cartridge, causing the pen to stop writing.Ballpoint pens that have been stored and unused for long periods are more susceptible to clogging problems than those that are used daily.The heat liquefies the resin, which is injected into a die cast mold, cooled and removed.Excess plastic is then scrapped away, and the pieces are polished, cleaned and sent to assembly.

The compression chamber injects the liquefied metal into a die cast mold, which cools the metal and forms the various pen pieces.For retractable pens, workers then attach a spring to the front of the cartridge to allow the tip to retract and deploy.The completed ink cartridge is then placed inside the body of the pen. Assembly is now complete, and the finished pens are cleaned, packaged and shipped.The components are then cleaned and machine-cut according to the specifications of the pen for which they will be used.The cut pieces are machine polished and cleaned again before being sent to assembly.

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