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Speaking of FULL percentage beers, Utah has weird Mormon-influenced conservative laws regarding everything, including alcohol and we lucked out on finding a great beer bar with regular full strength beer in the bottles (drafts all have to be 3.2% sadly) called Beerhive (128 Main St, SLC, Utah).

A slight time warp, but at the end of the tour four weeks later, we returned to Utah (playing an awesome show with Ufomammut and the local brilliant folks in Subrosa this time) and we all had phô at an awesome vegan Vietnamese spot called All Chay (1264 W 500 N, SLC, Utah). I have eaten at the excellent vegetarian Denver institution Watercourse Foods (837 E 17th, Denver, CO) many times on tours past.

There were also two all vegan restaurants on either side of the club on the main street out in front and the area itself is loaded with vegan options as it is across the street from the famous MIT University.

Our good friend Joey (from the band Fórn whom we toured the West Coast with last summer) put us up after the show, and in the morning took us to Refuge Cafe (155 Brighton Ave, Allston 02134) where Aubrey split a hangover absorbing and delicious vegan breakfast burrito with me.

Still, eating vegan on the road can prove to be quite challenging, especially in the plains and farmlands of the rural US.

One great reprieve was that the booking agent for the tour had ensured that the Ufomammut rider for every show would require the promoter or venue to provide hot meals or a per-member buyout.

The promoter there gave us all buy-outs and some of the band and our roadie/buddy Aubrey ventured off for an Ethiopian craving they had, but Zeke (the drummer of Usnea) and I went walking and found a delicious Phô place.

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We didn't get a chance to explore Chicago the next day having early load-in times for a proper soundcheck and video set-up for Ufomammut each afternoon, so we hit the road early most days to conquer the long drives.I believe I had the Patti (roasted potatoes, cumin pinto beans, spanish rice, pico de gallo and shredded red cabbage).Our Montreal show was one of the highlights of the whole tour with the local black metal bands Show of Bedlam and Tunguska Mammoth both playing impressively heavy sets and the crowd being very enthusiastic and warm.Montreal was also impeccable for food, and the venue bought us out again this time suggesting Velo Burrito (32 Rue Beaubien E, Montreal, QC) who deliver by bike, and quite often to bands at this particular venue, though we were excited to explore a little before the show and stretch our legs out so we walked a few miles to eat there.Johnny loves a good excuse to skateboard on tour anyhow so he was off kicking around on his board.

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