Bishoujo dating games

I'm not super into the bishoujo artstyle, but I get that that's what most of these are gonna be.

Bishōjo games are a uniquely Japanese phenomenon: they have virtually no equivalent in the western video game industries, but are similar to Choose Your Own Adventure books.

They form a sizeable fraction of the Japanese market: the most popular have sold over a million copies, and they make up the majority of offline PC games in Japan.

Nevertheless, because of real or perceived cultural differences, only a few titles of this sort have been translated or commercialized outside of East Asia.

At the beginning of the genre almost all the games were pornographic.

A notable landmark was Jast's Tenshitachi no gogo (1985), a precursor to the modern dating simulation.

It was also the first to have recognizably modern anime-style artwork: its characters had very large eyes and a tiny nose and mouth but were otherwise basically normally proportioned, characteristics which today are found in virtually all bishōjo games.

Notable subgenres of bishōjo games are ren'ai games (often called "dating sims") and eroges (often called "hentai games").

Bishōjo games began to appear in Japan in the beginning days of personal computers.

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