Can pisces dating pisces

Pisces will pull out all the stops in bed to make sure you two have the most romantic, connective, and meaningful sex life.Don't expect them to get down and dirty, though -- Pisces will be a sweet lover, one who shows they care with every word, every look, every touch.The dreamworld is Pisces' domain, so you can be sure your Pisces lover will spend a good amount of time fantasizing about sex.

While your intentions are loving and noble, some lovers will take advantage of your kindness and generosity, and you'll realize too late that you're being used.If you're dating a Pisces, you'll also see they have trouble with boundaries.This could mean they don't respect your needs for personal space or privacy, or that they have a tendency to take everything too far -- especially some unhealthy habits.And finally, for the health of yourself and your relationship, don't make yourself the victim in your love life.You cannot control what happens to you, but you have complete control over your own reactions and thought processes.

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