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Hard to imagine but Sean Penn’s ex-wife, Robin Wright, also known to us as Buttercup, dated Charlie Sheen from 1981 to 1982.

It was the time that both Wright and Sheen were breaking into the acting game and were on the same level.

Winona not only hit it big but was a household name in Hollywood.

Her roles in Beetlejuice, Girl, Interrupted, Mermaids, Dracula and Edward Scissorhands made her known worldwide.

Their relationship was a private one, so much so that they were not seen out in public very much, let alone photographed. She has recently been on the show House of Cards, winning a Golden Globe for her role on the show.

She was married to Sean Penn from 1996 to 2010 and has two children with him.

Once Winona hit it big, her and Charlie ended their relationship amicably.

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He was diagnosed in 2011 and kept the diagnosis quiet for several years. He was never very good with monogamy and somehow always got into trouble with his lady friends.She went so far as to changing her name to Scottine Sheen prior to even marrying. George was Playmate of the Month in August of 1982. While her time with Sheen was short, they did attend Hollywood events together, as we can see in the following photo.Cathy always had an interest in adult photography and films, which inspired her later career.He has been arrested for alleged abuse but nothing really stuck, but the public image of him has been tarnished for good.The women on this list were all proven to be with Charlie, most of whom were linked to him around the same time!

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