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Many companies also have meetings all over the world whereas with today’s technology, video conferences render plane travel useless.

The environment also ties in with employee satisfaction, another area covered under CSR.

As mentioned above, the Prime Minister of Malaysia holds CSR awards every year.

This year’s awards recognized several companies for their CSR achievements.

Because of campaigns by NGOs, MNCs are starting to take CSR seriously; however, what about the case of smaller companies in the developing world?One of the most important things ICRM stresses is stakeholder engagement.The stakeholders of certain companies may not be familiar with CSR, which means that companies have to engage them when forming a strategy.Finally, companies need to ensure that they listen to feedback from stakeholders and incorporate this into their CSR strategy.In recent years, the environment has become a big issue for many companies because of the recent Copenhagen conference and the Stern report.

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