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However, despite video footage that displays some degree of interaction between the “I was attentive and engaged during the entire interaction with the Accuser and Mr. Gooding touch the Accuser’s breast and at no time did Mr.Gooding ‘place his hand on her breast and squeeze’ as is stated in the Criminal Complaint,” declares Raphael De Niro’s estranged spouse Claudine in a June 19 declaration that was submitted with Gooding’s motion late last week.Although listening to the pitch from the Oscar winner’s attorneys following a filing Monday to toss the case, Judge Keshia Espinal proclaimed she would not make a ruling until August 14.In court protocol, that ruling would come after the Manhattan District Attorney’s office responds to the dismissal move in the next few weeks. PREVIOUSLY, JUNE 24 AM: Days after appearing in a New York court on misdemeanor charges of forcible touching of a woman at a nightclub, Cuba Gooding Jr is now seeking to have the case dismissed because of “certain mental characteristics” of his accuser.“The Interests of Justice are SCREAMING OUT FOR THE EXONERATION OF CUBA GOODING, JR.and calling for a critical examination of this case and the Accuser whose personal blogs have included statements which clearly reveal the metamorphism of a troubled mentality which sheds light on why she would make false allegations after being rejected and rebuffed that evening and asked to excuse herself from Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s and Claudine Deniro’s presence and give them privacy,” proclaims the Oscar winner’s lawyer Mark Keller in a Friday filing in NY criminal court (read it here).And by no means is this a blanket explanation of every Cuban-foreign relationship. Just about anywhere but Cuba for their dreams for a better future. EXPENSIVE AF Want them to leave the country with you to start your life together? And weirdly because its so prevalent its still taboo to talk about.

I advise strongly against be sending large amounts of money on the regular to your Cuban boo.

One kiss and exchange of social media handles later and you’re officially in a relationship. Cubans are notorious for their charm and their confidence to show you it.

We don’t blame you for falling in lust in a weekend.

Jineteros or Jineteras in the simpliest form are hustlers in any way but most known for being in the sex industry. Unfortunately, few Cubans have the money to take their partners on a proper date to wine and dine them. If you’re used to your partners taking you different places and having them pay or sharing costs, this will definitely test you. I recommend having an honest talk with yourself and your partner about what you expect and your values.

Whether for a day, a week, or for an entire relationship. We have met some jineteros that will fake being in love to continue an ongoing relationship with a foreigner. They will have their own families on the island and when the foreigner comes, their partner vacates the home and the rest of the family plays along. Of course, like I said not every relationship is this way but if you expect to be dating a Cuban you will absolutely have to know what a jinetero is. Because besides the costs of going out to dinner and dates, you will have to get to Cuba and most likely gift them things they and their family needs. I’m laughing writing this point up but here’s a typical storyline: Ok that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but true. For example, foreigners take months to decide if they are actually in a relationship or not, Cubans are moved into their in-laws in a month, have a ring, and call each other “maridos (husband/wife). In conclusion, don’t be weirded out (and I am warning you) If you get proposed to on your 3 visit and already having their mom calling you her son or daughter in law.

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