Cujo dating shania

Feeling down from Cam's defection, Sam spends the night drinking his woes away.

By the following day, Sam decides to bring himself out of retirement and restore his status as a champion racer.

It looks like much of the divorce had been worked out long ago judging by a swiss article that said the property name title has changed to Shania's name only on a couple of Switzerland properties.

It seems to me that that they did decide on a mutual split long before any so called affair.

I can't believe that the rumors already have startedi just googled this guy's name,wow he is 41 and still plays?? I too thought he was married, but he could just be yet another divorcee...

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In between these six months of recovery, Sam and Cam make peace with each other and Sam learns about Linsky wanting Cam to crash into him.

Despite being a talented racer, Cam's car doesn't race well due to poor funding.

Frustrated for losing the race due to engine issues, Sam's long-time rival, Linsky, offers Cam a chance to join his team with a new car.

Sam (John Travolta) and Cam Munroe (Toby Sebastian) are a father and son duo competing at the Talladega dirt car race pits.

Sam is a local racing legend who now supports his son's racing in between dating divorcee Becca (Shania Twain).

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