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Donald Trump's relationship with his daughter is pretty darned creepy, and while it may not have been publicized until he started running for president, the pictures are proof that it's always been a bit odd.On a previous blog post entitled “10 Rules for Dating my Daughter” went viral.The first and third promises are golden for any single woman hoping for marriage.

I come across books like this, and it leaves me feeling I don’t stand a chance of marrying a godly man: All the good ones will be taken by women fortunate enough to be blessed with Christian fathers who are fighting in their corner. With titles like “Don’t Send a Woman to Do a Man’s Job”; a whole list of non-negotiable, seemingly impossible “musts”; and the assumption that Dad is on the scene and actively helping his daughters find good husbands, I figured the book would get a rise out of all but the narrowest group of readers.

As much as I agree with Baucham’s three-part thesis, and as much as Steve and I plan to do for our daughter what he and Bridgette are doing for their daughter, Jasmine, I know that’s not a possibility for a lot of single Christian women.

If you’re among them, I say take what Baucham writes and apply it, where possible, to father-surrogates.

And once he has your attention, Baucham does indeed have a lot of good things to say.

promises to do three things: 1) help women know what they should look for in a future husband, 2) reestablish the importance of parents’ (especially dads’) active participation in the courtship process, and 3) remind women of their dependence on God.

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