Dating a druze men

Until the 13th or 14th century, Druze families in this country lived in scattered, makeshift colonies near sources of water and in strategically protective hills.One day, however, two hunters looking for rabbits stumbled upon a cave that led to an ancient cistern filled with water.Unable to accept the fact that followers of Islam would willingly accept another faith, Muslims in the Middle East have been persecuting the Druze since the very beginning.As a result, thousands left their homes in Egypt and elsewhere and today live mainly in Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Jordan.Above the prophet’s tomb hang pretty necklaces and decorative rugs, embroidered or woven by Druze women fulfilling a vow.

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Indeed, all the Druze villages to follow were built high in the hills, for reasons of security.It was the caliph’s daily custom to mount a donkey and ride to the mountains outside of Cairo to meditate and pray. Although his clothes were found, all buttoned up and standing tall, there was no one inside!Some say he was murdered, but many Druze believe he is only hiding, watching his faithful and waiting to return on the Day of Judgment.After that time, however, the religion was closed to outsiders.Converts are not accepted, and the Druze are forbidden to intermarry.

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