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That said, few of them specialize in interracial relations.If your goal is to find someone from a particular region (for example, the Asian region) choose the agency, which focuses on this direction.

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An interracial dating agency acts as a mediator that collects information about single men and women and then shares this information with their potential future partners.

It took many uncomfortable dinner table conversations and phone calls for us to experience that moment where everything clicked.

It wasn’t that she’d actively thought that I was making things up, but passively, she’d had the reaction to my reality that many white people have. Dating, sleeping with, marrying or giving birth to a person of a different race than you doesn’t absolve you of racism.

I was in middle school before I realized something was different about my family. Race wasn’t something we talked about in my house when I was growing up.

My peers began asking me why my mom was a different color than I was, something that I’d just assumed was normal because it was normal. This is true in many households, especially those of white parents.

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