Dating a widowed father

It was two days after our third wedding anniversary. He told me he knew I was the one after he heard me preach. I will never forget the way he smiled at me from behind the church organ.We envisioned starting our own church together one day.As friends, neighbors and extended family members offer help, be willing to accept it graciously and allow others the opportunity to serve you and your family.An offer for babysitting while you take some time for yourself can be a welcome relief and should be not be rejected. Some may offer to take care of the yard for a while or fix your car.As a newly widowed father, Seth confided his fears and doubts in his close friends. How would he raise a nearly teenaged daughter alone?

Dating too soon after the death of your wife can cause some complications in the process for your kids and for you. As much as you are missing your recently departed spouse, your kids are missing their mom even more.

Like every widowed father, Seth was confronting a new reality in his life, created in the wake of the tragic death of the love of his life.

Seth came to understand the need to reach out for and accept support, to communicate effectively with his children and to put the family first. The grieving process after the loss of a mother and wife can take a long time, and literally cannot be rushed.

A little investment in your personal strength will help you bear the burden of single fatherhood and grieving a bit better. In most areas, there are support groups for those who have survived the death of a spouse.

The funeral director or your local clergy may be able to suggest a resource for finding these groups.

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