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Set a date; a logical amount of time that you are willing to put up with the frustrating and hurtful behavior you will no doubt encounter while dating someone who won't commit before you end it.Love doesn’t always conquer all and sometimes every girl has to admit that she can’t teach an old dog new tricks.One sign that a man has commitment phobia is that he will discourage both his partner and himself from looking into the future.Forget marriage, he will be afraid to commit to the very near future. Causes of commitment phobia include having been abandoned in a past relationship, trust issues due to getting hurt by someone close, childhood abuse or trauma, odd family dynamics, or a simple fear of not being in the right relationship. For example, men who won't commit because they don't want to be in a monogamous relationship.Being with a commitment phobic man is something like dating a bad boy: every girl does it at some point, even when her better judgment is screaming at her not to.After being with someone who is terrified of long-term relationships, one tends to learn a thing or two about life.This kind of thing goes beyond lip-service commitment and sails into the dangerous waters of actual commitment, which will make the commitment-phobe very nervous.

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Is a relationship with a commitment phobic man possible? Dating men who are afraid of commitment comes with a plethora of symptoms and signs.

Flirting can be harmless, or it can be fishing for a replacement.

It can be hard to tell the difference, even if you're the flirt.

If you're drawn to married men, you may be choosing them to avoid commitment.

Flirting with other people is another sign of trouble.

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