Dating and marriage in libya

Libya was also an Italian colony for about three decades, which had a great impact on the culture.

Libya has managed to keep its traditional folk culture alive to today.

Languages spoken in Libya include Arabic, Berber, Italian and English.The flour is boiled in salted water to make a hard dough, then it kneaded into a semi-spherical ball and placed in the middle of a large bowl (women sit on the floor and hold the pan between their legs while using a wooden ladle to mix and kneed the dough to its solid and thick consistency), around which the sauce is poured.The sauce around the dough is made by frying chopped onions with lamb meat, adding turmeric, salt, cayenne pepper, black pepper, fenugreek, sweet paprika, and tomato paste. Finally, eggs are boiled and arranged around the dome.Attention to detail in Libyan cooking is very important; in fact, many spices are used in all the dishes and they need to be put in by the right amounts to enrich the taste.The Libyan diet is rich with seafood and includes a diversity of vegetables and cereals.

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