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No one could anticipate how welcomed and received the show was. In a career spanning five decades, Eric Roberts has become recognisable to millions of film and TV fans.

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One lucky fan asked Lloyd if he could have a "high five", and the actor obliged, which got a nice reaction from the jam packed crowd. The blonde is in Sydney for the Supanova Pop Culture Expo at Sydney Showground, Olympic Park.

READ MORE: Guillermo Del Toro Wants Benedict Cumberbatch For ‘Frankenstein’, Charlie Kaufman Writing ‘Slaughterhouse-Five’ Directed by Craig Moss (“Bad Ass”) and written by Chad Israel and Emanuel Isler, the film stars Callum Blue (“The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement”) as accomplished British architect Alex Reaves who finally achieves his dream of converting the long-abandoned Fairmont Meat Company slaughterhouse into a loft space, but not long after they move, his wife Charlotte (Nadine Velazquez) and their daughter Mia (Makenzie Moss) notice strange things afoot.

Soon, the tenants are tormented by the dark secrets trapped in the building for more than thirty years.

The Christopher Lloyd question and answer session was very entertaining and educational, and was a much sought after attraction for both news media and fans.

Lloyd shared stories from his illustrious acting and show business career, much of which has been pop culture included such as 'Back To The Future' franchise, where he portrayed Dr. Lloyd even talked about the cult film fav 'Suburban Commando', which also featured pro wrestling living legend, Hulk Hogan (not known for great acting), but a very entertaining showman, none the less.

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