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The psychology department at the University of Pennsylvania did a study on speed dating, recently.According to the results, participants involved in the study were able to decide within whether or not they were attracted to their match-up.This includes anyone sending you inappropriate photos, messages or requests. Protect yourself and don't share too much personal information on your profile.Anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable should be reported, pronto. Here's a fun fact: approximately one-third of online daters end up in a long-term relationship.This can cause us to feel more attached to them, way more quickly.

Researchers have found a correlation between danger and romantic attraction.Activities like sky-diving, mountain climbing and rafting send us into adrenaline mode, which is quite similar to the way we feel when we are really digging someone.Feeling slightly stressed or afraid can also lead us to seek out protection from our date.So the next time someone suggests that you go boating or parachuting on a first date, say yes and expect to be pleasantly surprised! Ok, most of you already know this, but it's worth revisiting!Some places should be completely black-listed for first dates.

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