Dating his ethics instructor

The 1995 code instructed counselors to avoid nonsexual dual relationships when it was possible to do so.The Ethical Code Revision Task Force felt that this instruction was being interpreted as a prohibition on all dual relationships, including relationships that could be beneficial to the client (see “Ethics Update” in the March 2006 issue of Counseling Today). The dating tool also uses information from a user's social media accounts. "You cannot lie about your genetics." But David Magnus, the director of biomedical ethics at Stanford, has his doubts. The app processes DNA from a cheek swab to match users based on their pheromones -- the chemicals released by the body that can trigger attraction.

Ida's hoping to make a splash in the dating pool, by signing up for a new app that uses the genetic pool.

" Dating may not be an exact science, but Ida says she's tired of swiping right and swiping left, so she's willing to swab to find love.

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that “Counselors, before engaging in sexual or romantic interactions or relationships with clients, their romantic partners or client family members after 5 years following the last professional contact, demonstrate forethought and document (in written form) whether the interactions or relationship can be viewed as exploitive in some way and/or whether there is still potential to harm the former client; in cases of potential exploitation and/or harm, the counselor avoids entering such an interaction or relationship.” Though sexual relationships with clients are clearly prohibited, nonsexual relationships are ethically permissible under certain circumstances.

Like a dual relationship that is sexual, a nonprofessional dual relationship has the potential to blur the boundaries between a counselor and a client, create a conflict of interest, enhance the potential for exploitation and abuse of power, and/or cause the counselor and client to have different expectations of therapy.

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