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If I’m going to be with someone, it needs to be a natural connection rather than something forced.

The problem wasn’t that he wasn’t good-looking but that I didn’t personally find him attractive. I don’t date supermodels, just guys I feel attracted to regardless of whether or not they add up to society’s ideal of attractiveness.

The fact that he pretended not to notice made me even angrier and I lost more respect for him. It wasn’t just the “Beauty and the Beast” issue, we were physically incompatible too.

People looked like they were constantly trying to figure out what our deal was.

Moreover, I found out that if the attraction isn’t there from the beginning, you can’t expect a kind heart to make up for it.

Let’s face it—it’s social intelligence skills that make people stand out in dating anyway, not high IQs.

I realized I was just trying to avoid getting hurt.

Society has always led us to believe that unattractive guys make up for their lack of physical gifts with mental and emotional ones. Not all guys who aren’t hot have the brains to make up for it and this guy was living proof.

He was completely incapable of forming a real emotional connection and our relationship felt pointless because of it.

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