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After the survey results are reviewed, they are forwarded, along with the Working Group results, to the Formal Uniform Board.The Uniform Board (membership is appointed by CMC and it also includes a Marines from the local schools at MCB Quantico) is tasked with providing a final vote and recommendation to CMC for each issue.**It is recommended that the draft version of the Uniform Regs found directly above be used in lieu of this order (there have been many changes since its initial publication).The draft version will be the most up to date version and will be updated as new decisions and changes are made.**Management of Property in Possession of the Marine Corps (replaced MCO P10120.28G).The minimum requirement is one pair of hot weather and one pair of temperate weather boots.You may wear either the Marine Corps Combat Boot (MCCBs) or the Rugged All Terrain (RAT) boot, both will meet the minimum requirement.The Uniform Board process generally starts with a recommendation.

The formal Board met the week of 6 May, and was forwarded to CMC for decision mid July 2019.Once enough issues are complied for a formal Board meeting, the issues are briefed to the President, Marine Corps Uniform Board (PMCUB).The issues that are approved by the PMCUB are then sent to the first formal step of the process, the Working Group.A MARAMDIN will be published once the CMC decisions are rendered.The issues being considered for this Board are: Authorize all Marines to carry umbrellas -Female PT hair grooming standards -Authorize female Marines to wear gold and silver earrings in the service uniforms.

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