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The pattern appears to be stamped, with the colors being hand-enameled.

The backs are marked with an impressed B4 1/2 (the 1/2 is impressed as a proper 1 over 2 fraction), and there is a hand painted '14' in a reddish-brown color on all plates.

Including various marks from a range of British and European pottery and porcelain manufacturers.

The range of Moorcroft Pottery marks begins with William Moorcroft’s time at the Mac Kintyre pottery and covers the 100 year history of design and ownership by William, his son Walter Moorcroft, other more current owners and marks of artists and designers from the Moorcroft Design Studio.

If no additional information is currently available, the potter will be named below the image and clicking will open the Antique Collectibles gallery, to assist you with any examples of the potters items we may have listed.

You can also try searching for the potter in the search box above.

So confirming the maker is probably outside the remit of these help forums.

1870 Either of these B's would put these plates later in the century. I don't have that info about the A1 etc in my Goddens - maybe you were looking at the later revised edition. With that in mind, and your research about the above old plate with the red squiggle and blob backstamp marking being Minton of Staffordshire, I was wondering if the plate uploaded by Joanne could be of the same stable.

They also have a listing for Minton 3084: shows the same bird/bush pattern as my plate but their photo is so bad I don't want to send it along! Hopefully the scans are good enough, if not I will try to get photos instead.

Thanks Melissa===================================catch up as fast as I can!

Are you THE Melissa, my friend who answers lots of queries for us?? First I need to say Minton marks are a specialist area simply because Minton were so large and important company.

If yes, thanks for your constant help - much appreciated! My general references do not go into that much detail.

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