Dating my husband ideas

Though I think if playing with your spouse, the winnings could be much more creative.

😉 Also check out these super cute Popcorn Printables.

The surprise element keeps it exciting and having a simple themed word lets you explore different activities and ideas. Plan out Your Virtual Vacation At Home Date Night My husband has often talked about places we’d like to visit together someday, and this at home date night idea takes the talking and turns it into doing.

And since it’s virtual, you can forgo the cost restrictions, childcare needs, and time restraints.

Showing some competitiveness, and assigning sexy prizes for who wins each round, or sexy punishment for the losers can make these games even more exciting.

These 72 at home date night ideas will bring that spark back! As soon as the door to our kids’ bedroom closes for the night, my husband and I most often retreat to our own spaces, at least during the week.

If you do one date night each week, this will last you a year and a half. The evenings are the time that I work on this blog, usually until about midnight every night.

So I recently thought it would be awesome to get back in the groove of having a weekly or bi-weekly at home date night.

My husband and I used to do these more often, especially when we were doing our Year of Dates. The hard thing about dating within your own home is that it’s a bit too familiar.

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