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To assess the evolution of violin shapes, Chitwood relied on images from online sales of rare and valuable violins.By analyzing the outlines of the instruments, Chitwood found four main "blueprints" influenced by master instrument-making families, including Stradivari, the Italian Giovanni Paolo Maggini (1580-1630), the Italian Amati family and the Austrian Jacob Stainer (1617-1683).Some imitations are so exact that, in a separate study pitting new violins against the ones of the old masters, expert violin soloists could not distinguish between old and new violins.The soloists also preferred the new violins to the old ones, surprising musicians everywhere, the study, published in the journal the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found."[Stradivarius] are exceptional violins, but they're not always the best violin," Chitwood said.

This is archived by combine the age-old tradition of Lutherie with new studies into the acoustics of the string family (using research by the Grawert Family and some famous German violin makers).I thought my cello was beyond all help after an accident ripping apart the front. That way I have time for instrument making, restorations and repairs, and you don't have to wait.The sight of those splintered openings was hard to bear – but now I have my cello back looking and sounding great! I use the most up to date restoration techniques that will always seek to preserve as much of the original as possible and I try to always keep informed in the latest techniques, so I can do the work in the best possible way for the instrument and the musician.My goal is to work together with enthusiastic musicians, like you, to find your perfect instrument, and keep your own individual violin, viola or cello set up to optimally suit your needs.I specialize in creating optimal acoustics and playability in old and new instruments for players of all levels.

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