Dating relationship tips dealing with rejection

When someone deliberately excludes you from any of these, your brain tells you that you’re experiencing rejection. It feels lousy, especially in the context of a romantic relationship. So, does that mean there’s no way to alleviate your pain of rejection? You can’t wish away the pain of rejection, but you can control when you feel rejected.

The psychological term for this type of rejection is Social Rejection. Here are 7 proven steps to do just that: Each person in this world has a different reality.

Feelings of rejection can be caused by issues like your everyday expectations not being met by your partner, an incidence of infidelity or a real shocker like a sudden announcement by your partner of their desire to leave. The healthiest and quickest way to recover is to find a sense of belonging through other connections. Naomi Eisenberger from UCLA, lead researcher in the domain of psychological research on rejection, positive interactions with people cause a definite mood boost in humans by releasing chemicals which facilitate pleasurable reactions in the brain.

In such cases it’s not possible for you to be prepared for the feelings of rejection. Actively seek out friends and family if you’re going through a phase of experiencing feelings of rejection from your partner. You’ll find you’re able to derive emotional nutrition from these connections.

It only means what you’ve got to offer and what is needed by someone are not the same.

When it comes to relationships, all possible sources of rejection are not so simple.

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The first step to avoid unwarranted feelings of rejection is to acknowledge this difference. Don’t expect that she’ll accept (in which case you’ll feel rejected if she doesn’t), but don’t expect that she’ll reject either (in which case, you might be so under-confident while asking her out that she might reject you anyway! Instead, tell yourself this: “There are two possible outcomes of this situation.The rule of thumb that I follow to avoid surprise reactions from people in any situation is this: instead of having one particular expected outcome in mind, I force myself to objectively imagine at least two possible reactions. Also, try and find a few supporting reasons why each reaction could occur. First, she could accept my offer because I’m a handsome, smart, fun guy (use whatever reasoning you want, but make sure you come up with at least 2-3 reasons).Second, she might also reject me because at the moment she might not be interested in dating at all.Again, I’m not here to tell you that you can avoid feeling hurt by feeding yourself some distorted version of reality.I’d only like to draw your attention to the fact that often, you interpret a situation as a rejection when it’s actually not.

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