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While NFL MVP is the award that gets the most attention, it’s worth paying attention to those who win Comeback Player of the Year.

These are players who often suffered injuries and either played through them or lost significant portions of their season to them.

Here are 100 2019 season predictions --- including AFC and NFL playoff outlooks and Super Bowl champ -- from Sam Robinson and Chris Mueller.We are in the final days of the lead-up to the NFL's 100th season.Some of the greatest players in the league's history are still going strong; others are establishing legacies and rising up the ranks.Yardbarker's Mike Tunison and Chris Mueller weigh in on teams that could start fast but fade.With the stunning news of Andrew Luck's retirement from the NFL, it got us thinking about other prominent athletes who left in their primes, whether due to injury, lack of desire or even to venture down another walk of life.

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