Dating singer sewing machine oil cans

With just one simple step you can adjust the stitch length to accommodate different fabric types and thicknesses and for basting, but do not expect anything else in that department.The table that this machine is mounted on definitely shows its age.Just walking into Fort Lauderdale’s Pfaff Sewing Center and seeing this Singer treadle sewing machine took me back to our teens, summers with our grandmother and learning to sew on her beautiful treadle sewing machine.It was a magnificent piece of furniture as well as a highly functional one.

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However, the single most distinguishing feature was the oscillating hook, which made it possible for the bobbin to be merely dropped into place.The Singer 66 is a non-electric, treadle operated, single stitch antique.It’s nearly one hundred years old, yet it still runs like new.Hers was highly polished, had four drawers for accessories, oil, scissors, tape measures, and pins.It also had a hinged leaf and the capability for the machine to be lowered into a well when it was not in use.

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