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The survival of the species depends on their big brains and uh…”big hearts.” Another study by a UK sex toy retailer found that students from top universities had an above average sex drive. No surprise there, but the clincher wasn’t that just going to college increased their libido, it was specific to students from prestigious universities (presumably with higher IQs).They had higher sex drives than their counterparts.However, your wit can be as sharp as ever in thirty odd years.In fact, it can even be razor sharp as life experience and increased knowledge will have certainly shaped you.Is it any wonder, then, that we are all, to some extent, attracted to intelligence? That’s the term used for individuals who are aroused by intelligence.The word comes from the Latin (let’s face it, everything does), sapiens, meaning ‘wise’.

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It’s cute on screen in a frat house movie, but even in gag-inducing rom-coms, the smart nerdy guy (or gal) always wins in the end.Gentlemen, you can look like Ryan Gosling now, but thirty years on, unless you’re being coached by a celebrity trainer, chances are those 6 pack abs will look more like a pack of crisps.Your sexy bits will inevitably sag, and your luscious locks may not all be there.They’re turned on by the way the mind works, with good looks being secondary to an intense intellectual connection.For foreplay, Sapiosexuals prefer to mentally spar with their lovers.

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