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He’s endured what she’s sabotaged – his promotions at work.TVLINE | Are they going to take some steps in the finale toward repairing their marriage?When you decide to let God guide your relationship, you may find that your options for a partner dwindles considerably.But as Christians, we must surrender every aspect of our lives to him–including our relationships.It’s just a blessing to both be working on shows that we not only have a great experience working on, but are very, very popular.

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Tom later confesses to Lynette that he wants to open up a pizzeria.

Nora, however, consistently undermines him behind his back and tries to get Lynette to tell him to drop the idea while planning to tell him that she'd support him.

Lynette promises Nora that she'll take care of Kayla, just before she dies.

Tom has been keeping a secret from his wife that only his father, Rodney Scavo, knew about.

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