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S, Exhibition of, and remarks upon, specimens of Fowls illustrating pe(‘uliarities in the lieredity of white plumage 3 1 . Some Notes upon the Anatomy of the Ferret- Badger, 3. — Part VII, Eurylmmidce ; with Remarks on the Systematic Position of the Group. S., Superintendent of the Gardens, Charles Gabriel Seliomann, Esq., M. Arthur Thomson, Assistant Superintendent of the Qo A'dens. Enryk V'in idm ; with Remarks on the Systematic Position of the Group. A Revision of the Pishes of the Family Gakudk Uv, (Plates X.

above the ankle) than in the foregoing forms of this group. (1) Tsu-sinia: S fld., in alcohol, unfaded ; September; teeth unworn.

') 297 Exhibition of two tusks from Abyssina 297 SCHEIIIIEN, Henrv, F. Exhibition of hnitern-slides of, and remarks upon, old pictures of Anthi*opoid Apes 298 Sc LATER, Philip Lutlby, M. 1 also have to acknowledge the kind tissistance of Mr. Miller, Jr., who sent me for inspection almost all the Indo- Malayan Rhinolophi preserved in the United States National Museum, including many new and interesting forms, part of wliich will be dealt with below.

Exhibition of specimens of a rare Marsupial {Dacty- pulpato? I shall feel satisfied if my paper is considered of some use as a basis for further investigations. Oldfield Thomas for entrusting mo with a revision of these Bats, for giving me unlimited access to the recently acquired, still unregistered specimens in the British Museum, especially those of the large and important “Tomes Collection,” and also for having favoured me with much valuable information dmring the progress of my work.

Tlie name “ Chimpanzee ” does not seem to have come into vogue till the latter part of the 18tb Century, or to have been much used until the 19th Century. Posterior connecting process low and rounded off (text- fig. The position of this tpoth, in relation to p^ and pp varies ithdiindnally (in the same geogi-aphical mce, and in examples from the same locality and of apparently the sfime age) : completely in the tooth-row (one specimen), or slightly towards the external side (two), or half external (tne), or almost quite external (one), or completely external (one).

He retiuned to England and brought back with him stories of the Pongos,” which obviously refeired to the Chim|)anzee. JDuignos U, Basioocipital, between cochlem, not unusually nar- rowed. e Ommnimica M ky Otunsisi Th oxas, F.)S.e» t For of the Flstee, see p. e.r-groiip also the lower is very inucli reduced in size and on the pomt of being driven out of the tooth-row, to the external side ; in all the more primitive species of the group also the iippei* p" is reduced in size, but still, invm'iahly^ in the tooth-row. simiilex and Uh, megaphyllnsy the dentition of these two species, the most primitive within the present group, being practically exactly alike : — p, very small, but decidedly less reduced than in the other specms of the group. But Rh, horneenaisy again, was confused with Rh, mbvo Ty which, however, not only is a distinct species, but belongs to a different group of the genus, 5.

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