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Right now I am just enjoying the college life, but I would like to find a good guy to keep me company.Richmond Speed Dating One of the dating services for meeting local people is Richmond speed dating.If your relationships go through the same pattern every time, meaning that they start out good and slowly lose steam the more serious it gets, then take stock.It would be so easy for you to point to the man as the guilty party but if this happens all the time you better look at yourself and ask if there is something wrong with you as well.I hope you can see the difference – men simply don't think the same way you do.It doesn't help things if you nag him about explaining everything in detail – all it's going to do is push him further away.Here's an example – when a woman says “I'd like to stay home and relax,” then she'd probably stay home, do a bit of cleaning up, update her to-do lists, and maybe watch TV.But when men say “I'd like to stay home and relax,” they'd probably watch sports on TV, drink beer, surf the Internet, and order out.

You would think that there must be something wrong with you.

On the other hand, they don't want a passive woman who keeps everything bottled up inside to keep the relationship from going sour, either.

These tips are just a tip of the iceberg in decoding men.

If you're wondering why he simply doesn't nag you about it to let you know, it's simply because men don't nag – and, as mentioned in #1, they'd prefer they didn't have to tell you such things.3.“I'd like an independent woman.” They don't mean somebody who has her own house and car.

This means that they'd like a woman who doesn't get overly upset by petty issues that comes up in the relationship.

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