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She complains that she has been imprisoned by a certain Lentiskos, maybe identical with a homonymous police-officer known from the Zenon-archive, and therefore is hindered at finishing the preparations of an Eyptian funeral. A brief introduction reviews the available evidence and previous scholarly views. Cet hommage se devait donc d’être avant tout un recueil d’éditions de papyrus.A new edition of the sale of an ass from Kerkesoucha P. Cohen 8, offering new readings especially of the prescript, gives new weight to the text in regard to the discussion of the process of centralization of the activities of the state notaries in the Arsinoite nome at the end of the II cent. The second chapter gives a prosopographical study of the 27 Arsinoite nomarchs attested between A. 34 and 248, and the next investigates their function. 92–299), which constitutes the bulk of the book, is a detailed discussion of all the taxes due in the Arsinoite to the nomarchia and what is known about their collection, including comparison with their incidence and mode of collection in other nomes. Nous avons pu tenir ce cap, même si certains collègues dont la présence était souhaitée ont préféré contribuer par un essai, sans jamais néanmoins rompre totalement les liens avec la documentation papyrologique.In other cases, where dating was based on wood and charcoal, results are highly inconsistent even within the same burial.Before the verifi cation of these results, the short interval based on AMS dates should be preferred.Edfou II 258 to a discussion of the unusually high sum paid for the tax on watchtowers. Studien zum pharaonischen, griechisch-römischen und spätantiken Ägypten zu Ehren von Heinz-Josef Thissen [OLA194], Leuven - Paris - Walpole, MA, 2010, 419–423. It is the first attestation for this tax from the village of Berenikis Thesmophorou. Aussi ses collègues et élèves ont-ils répondu sans hésiter à notre appel pour rendre hommage, à travers le présent volume, à une œuvre dont ils se sentent tributaires et qui ne cesse de stimuler les nouvelles générations.First edition of a papyrus of the Giessen collection from III BCE, which contains a petition of a woman. Correction of the resolution of some abbreviations in several accounts in papyrus documents, which had been interpreted as χα(λκοῦς) or (δίχαλκον), while the correct resolution in these cases is χα(λκίνη), the copper drachma, which has a value of 6 obols. The article offers a new edition of the text which is to be dated to 81/2 CE. Rathbone, CR 57, 2007, 490: „This book, the first full study of the nomarchia, not just the nomarchs, of the Arsinoite nome in the Roman period, is the most important contribution to our knowledge of taxation in Roman Egypt since S. Wallace, Taxation in Egypt from Augustus to Diocletian (1938). Jean Gascou a beau d’être l’inventeur d’un « modèle », il s’est avant tout exprimé à travers l’édition de papyrus, qu’il a toujours ressentie comme un stimulus nécessaire au développement d’une pensée ferme et rigoureuse cherchant à éviter les séductions des synthèses faciles et des rapprochements factices de données en réalité hétérogènes.The previously obtained AMS datings clearly fi t in the same chronological interval.Specifi cally, 17 of 36 analyses of the Petrovka series yielded very similar results.

Results of the AMS 14C-datings of animal and human bones indicate a very high degree of concordance in the 19th and 18th centuries cal BC time range.he tried to dodge the subject and was replying really vaguely and didn’t give a good reason as to why he couldn’t come out. i told him to at least give me the respect to let me know when plans aren’t happening because i could be doing other things instead of waiting around getting excited for a date that he hadnt even given a second thought. is it even worth chasing if he seems to be this aloof about meeting up with me?and he gave a half assed apology and tried to change the subject by being funny but stopped when i let him know i wasn’t willing to joke around with him. it was nothing serious in the first place but i was starting to warm up to him.i said i wasn’t into the whole fuckbuddy business and that he’s better off finding somebody else if that’s what he wants and yet he stuck around.he’d whine when i would be out with other friends, ask why i don’t tag and show him off on facebook.

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