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Our comprehensive File Troubleshooting Directory contains detailed instructions on how you can quickly troubleshoot your file problems.Deleting Files Instructions on how to delete your files.The same activation limits apply for the add-on 'Sacred 2: Ice & Blood'.A common issue when installing the Ice and Blood expansion on top of the UK version of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel comes about after the installation and patching is done and you try to run the game.AVG is the worst of them.) You only need to turn them off during the install.

This means, you can activate 'Sacred 2: Fallen Angel' 4 times within 3 months and after this period, a new period with 4 activations within 3 months starts.Sometimes games will only be given permission when first starting the game in which case a popup would appear asking if you would like to allow the program to access the internet. In general you should refer to your Firewall Software's Help files to find out how to allow a program to connect to the internet.Each program is different as well as every version of a product.The game is still running, but the utility that would normally request your serial number is hidden and inaccessible. After Ending Task on the game, the steps for doing a manual activation are: Sacred 2 will need to be given permission to access the internet or home network.The built in activation utility can't be Alt-Tabbed to, nor can you switch task to it. After installing Sacred 2 check Windows Firewall, and other firewalls you may have installed, to see if it has been added to the list of exceptions.

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