Document dating eileen trestain dating fabrics

The date corresponds to the signature, not the document.

A document could be signed by more than one party on different dates.

The July 29th page was tested for indented writing impressions using the ESDA. Indented impressions (originating from writing in the July 22nd box) appear "black" while visible writing on the July 29th page appears "white".

The white lines of the word "Take" in Figure 6 are unbroken and appear to lie over the black lines that correspond to impressions produced by writing on the preceding page.

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In this case, the form was not available until 3 years Information can be added or inserted to an entry make it appear as though it was written at an earlier time.In Figure 3 below, the sentence outlined in red was allegedly written on Wednesday July 22nd, the same day that two entries above and below the questioned entry were made.The location of the questioned entry corresponds to the second line in the box dated Wednesday July 29th on the following page (see Figure 4).Indented writing impressions can be made visible by testing documents with an Electro-Static Detection Apparatus or ESDA.A description of this instrument and the functions it performs appear in the section Indented Writing.

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