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It hasn't slowed down since then -- click through the slideshow to find out why.Friday, where she spoke candidly—and hilariously—about her recent dating disasters.I'm going to fulfill my fantasy and go on a dating app! Do a blind date, but not "One guy wrote, 'What is someone like you doing on an app like this? Due to these habits, she was rehabbed at the age of 14 as well as she had attempted suicide at the same age.Then later she moved own apartment at the age of fifteen.

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She currently stars in the new Netflix comedy series “Santa Clarita Diet” alongside Timothy Olyphant.

' I was like, 'Is that a compliment and an insult all wrapped ambiguously and super clearly in one fell swoop? "Then I texted with this one guy and I said, 'OK, sure, if you feel inclined to go for a drink, that'd be great.

But zero pressure.' Never, ever a response.""Then there was a guy who said, 'I can meet you from 7 to 8 p.m. Days later, she found herself in the kitchen with her ex-husband, Will Kopelman.

While growing she started to learn bad habit at very young age.

She had started smoking at the age of nine, drinking alcohol at age 11, smoking marijuana at age twelve and snorting cocaine at age thirteen.

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