Edgar ramirez dating jessica chastain

The actress, 40, on June 10 wed fashion exec Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, 34, in an Italian ceremony.

The longtime couple tied the knot in the city of Treviso at Villa Tiepolo Passi in Carbonera in front of friends and family, including “Interstellar” costar Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman, as well as British actress Emily Blunt.

Ricky, Ryan [Murphy], Penélope, and I—we discussed that maybe we never really go completely away.

Gianni might have felt very happy that the house became again what it was always meant to be: a beacon of creativity.

It's funny, two weeks ago I was dating – I'm not dating," she clarifies.

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Here, the international man of mystery—he splits his time between New York, L. Edgar Ramirez: Honestly, I try not to rely too much on that. But last night: I was trying to expand the number of seats of a dinner table and the restaurant was full. People fantasize about his life because of the lushness of his clothes and the atmosphere and the mystique around his brand. It was necessary for him to be surrounded by that diversity of people—rich people, affluent people, people from the street.… It's fair to say that a lot more than just the rumor mill has changed for the much-lauded redhead.One year ago, Chastain sat for her first interview with this newspaper at a hotel in Santa Monica.Not only did she go unrecognized, the maître d' wished her well on a job search, after she requested a quiet table for an interview."I used to be in denial about it," says Chastain, an awards show fixture these past weeks while juggling duties on Broadway for The Heiress.Plus, her new horror film, Mama, opens in theaters today. I used to just say, 'Oh, my life is exactly the same, because no one ever recognizes me.' I have been working non-stop and when you're working, you're just staring at your feet most of the time.

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