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Fortunately, there's a lid for every pot – even if it's only temporary.

Kandi (April Bowlby) became Alan's love interest and second wife.

She was portrayed as a dimwitted and innocent 22-year-old who was involved with both Harper brothers.

The storyline was terrific because Kandi was completely out of Alan's league.

She wanted to mold him into something he wasn't, and the fans didn't like it. Herb was introduced as Jake's pediatrician and Judith's second husband.

If he didn't bend to her whim, she threatened to end their relationship. Eventually, Charlie and Alan struck up a friendship with the awkward, but hilarious, Herb.

Then, in season nine, Greer returned, but this time, as Bridget Schmidt, Walden's ex-wife.

Die-hard fans immediately scratched their heads about this.

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I get it, because it's not the same show.” While Charlie was always lucky in love (and lust), Alan found more success in mooching off his brother.Watching as Herb craved the male bonding time with the Harper brothers was endearing and heartwarming, even if their bad ways inevitably rubbed off on him.Judith and Herb divorced after he got together with his receptionist, but they reconciled later.Undoubtedly, the unheralded star behind the scenes was creator Chuck Lorre, who managed to navigate the egos, drama, and everything in between as he produced this smash-hit sitcom for years. “Out of the friction comes something better than what would happen if I had autonomy.Out of that cauldron of dissent comes a better show.” Across 12 seasons, these writers penned many characters that appeared and disappeared on would be the overstatement of the century.

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