Etrust server not updating dating without an annulment

most probably your firewall is blocking the new version of said you've etrust EZ anti-virus - as its name states this is a ANTIVIRUS program, not a firewall...With the update of signatures dated 1/3/2007, e Trust is no longer being reported as "out-of-date" by Security Center.Talk about Y2K issues, this was an "every year" issue.Before you go off on another rant read the results of the Enumprocess here will let us see whether you have any fragments of previous Firewall installations still running. As Phil said, we are only volunteers here, users like yourself.We are not the Developers, so ranting at us will get you absolutely nowhere.....\Antivirus\(Computer Associates International, Inc. / CA ISafe Service) C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM. you're not having problems with firefox (except for the lost bookmarks), but with your antivir-program?! Try removing it, then reinstalling it from the disc or the Yahoo site.

The auto update feature in the etrust anti-virus keeps giving error messages. I'm not the computer geek so a "run program" box might help!I just woke up not to long ago, still sipping coffee, so I may have missed something, but do you have both icons in your system tray?If so, double-clicking the 'EZ' icon (not 'AV'} should work for you.But in your case, I think it is EZ that has become confused... the question remains why was the program (AV) working fine prior to the update? The entire program is called e Trust EZ Armor, which consists of a seperate antivirus and firewall.Congratulations on an uncluttered computer BTW Ever thought about Linux .... I will un-install the AV program and re-install from the yahoo site. I would Linux if I could get some IT support for it from my office.... I've had mac's for years and have never had any problems.... Consequently, there are two icons in my system tray, one for antivirus, one for the firewall.

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