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This essentially means that the original estimated figure of the amount of C in the sample is then subjected to further estimations of factors that might affect the accuracy of that original determination.

As time progresses it is hoped that these estimations may become more sophisticated, but it is perhaps fair to say that Radiocarbon dating is not so much measurement as an exercise in statistical analysis.

In reality, there are difficulties associated with the processing and measurement of certain materials, which reduces the applicability of this technique.

For example, bone samples without enough remaining collagen had to be disregarded in a radiocarbon dating exercise targeting the Cotswold-Severn Long Barrows (Smith & Brickley 2006).

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This is not necessarily a weakness of radiocarbon dating, more a pitfall of the application of the technique.An interesting example of this was the evidence for Bronze Age mummies at Cladh Hallan (Parker Pearson et al.2005), and many other examples from British Prehistory (Booth 2008).Nishitani (2012 :195), in a consideration of the chronology of the pottery from Danebury, points out that even with a difference of 200-300 years between individual samples, at 95.4% confidence level, the calibrated date ranges at least partially overlap, meaning that the detailed chronology constructed by Cunliffe on the basis of radiocarbon dates may be problematic. Quaternary Dating Methods: An Introduction Kindle., Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Problems in the Measurement, Calibration, Analysis, and Communication of Radiocarbon Dates (with Special Reference to the Prehistory of the Aegean World). Available at: https://arizona.edu/index.php/radiocarbon/article/view/16231 [Accessed January 5, 2014].An interesting example of the interpretative use of radiocarbon dating in conjunction with dendrochronologically-pinpointed dating was the suggestion that an increase in the amount of C in wood dating from AD 774-775 can be attributed to an increase in cosmic rays.

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