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    They were recently photographed together in Los Angeles.

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    These spots offer the benefits of immediate discussion topics, a “shared experience” kick-start and, if you are not necessarily feeling it, the opportunity to sit back and let a few other complete strangers entertain. Pioneer Square, 109 S Main St.; 206.790.5166; A Night of First Impressions: Like the rush of blood to the head that comes with a first date, the aptly named variety show Spin the Bottle at the Annex Theatre is an adventure for those who want to kick off that first date with an improv spirit. Consider it one of the more mischievous nightcaps in the city. That’s according to local pros John and Julie Gottman of the Seattle-based relationship champion Gottman Institute. Don’t expect that the next person you date is going to be a magical match.

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    Since I tend to be a semi-shut in, surrounded by married mom and dad couples of my kids friends, who don’t tend to include me as a random third person Not a shock. I felt pretty good about sitting back and waiting for some emails from respectable men looking for a respectable woman. Not only aren’t most of the men contacting me respectable, they barely seem literate. You’d think this would maybe encourage a potential mate or date to put their best emailing foot forward. I’ve lost track of how many emails I’ve gotten saying, simply, “Heyyyyyyyyyy.” I want to respond with “Hooooooooo! ” or “…is for horses with an “a”.” Sometimes, for shits and giggles, I’ll respond with a benign “Hey back.” This seems to stump them, as I guess they were excepting me to be swept off my feet at their first half-assed attempt. I know you all think we sit around in negligees and thongs, or sleep naked with our kids in the house. We wear t-shirts and mismatched bottoms, flannel if it’s cold. Once we’ve met, maybe over coffee, then drinks and more, go ahead and ask about my underwear.

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    And since we're all here for naughty fun, there are no awkward mixups or mismatched intentions!