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You will need to cut the pumpkin on the bias of the fabric.

The bias of the fabric is the 45 degree grainline and will allow the fabric to have some stretch, which will create a smoother finished pumpkin.

Check out our corresponding You Tube tutorial: DIY: Easy Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial.

Start by collecting the materials and equipment you will need to create the pumpkins: – Fabric (cotton or lightweight upholstery) – Felt – Embroidery Thread – Stuffing (100% Polyester) – Scissors – Pins & Needle – Ruler – Chalk or Removable Fabric Pen – Glue Gun or Fabric Glue Draw out the pattern on paper or card for ease.

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A suitable tutorial for those with or without a sewing machine.

We have created three different sized patterns for you to make, alternatively learn how to make your own pattern.

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