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They enhance our study and understanding of the Vedas besides preserving and protecting the purity and integrity of their content, structure and expression.

They are six namely shiksha (study), chhanda (meter), vyakarna (grammar), nirukta (lexicon), jyotisha (astrology), and kalpa (methodology of rituals).

The Vedangas, meaning the limbs of the Vedas, are the ancillary texts.

Kalpa helps in preparing and setting the stage for the performance of the rituals.

Thus the Vedangas help as aids in the study of the Vedas as well as in the performance of the sacrificial ceremonies by avoiding common mistakes.

They also describe the metaphysical truths regarding creation, and the battles between gods and demons.

Although for a student of history they may not represent authentic historic documents, for a student of Hinduism they are a valuable source of information.

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