Global address list not updating on client

You have to first add all GAL contacts to your personal contact list (see above).To prevent mixing with your other contacts, you may temporarily move the latter to some other folder.Rather than waiting 24 hours for Outlook to update the Offline Address Book on its own, you can force an update via the Send/Receive menu button.You can disable the option “Download changes since last Send/Receive” to make sure you get a complete fresh copy of the OAB but this could take longer to download.From “New”, head to “Address Book” and then to “Global Address Book”. If you wish to export to your Personal Contacts, highlight all the data you need. To highlight a certain range, click the first item in it, hold down “Shift”, and click the last item.Right-clicking on the range will cause the “Add to Contacts” button to appear.If the update mechanism appears to be broken for you, it could be because of a corruption in your OAB or in your mail profile.

For me, new colleagues are not showing up and the contact pictures aren’t displaying either.

A Global Address List is a valuable tool for any business, club, or community where members need to email each other on a daily basis.

In large organizations, day-to-day operations are inconceivable without such Windows tools, as the benefits are obvious.

In general, Outlook will automatically update the Offline Address Book (OAB) for Exchange accounts once every 24 hours.

When it didn’t or when you want to make sure you do have the latest OAB available, you could manually trigger an update from within Outlook as well.

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